Parish Directory

Rectory and Offices
221 Valley Street, San Francisco CA 94131

415.648.4740 facsimile

Parish Office Hours ~ 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

We welcome your inquiry to any member of our parish staff;
or, if you prefer, you may contact us using our online contact form

Father Mario P. Farana


Jim Myers, Deacon
Bill McLoughlin, Deacon

Father Raymund Reyes, In Residence 


Kindergarten ~ Eighth Grade
1690 Church Street 
San Francisco, CA 94131
Katie Kiss, Principal

415.648.2055 telephone


Littlest Angel
Preparatory Preschool

221 Valley Street
San Francisco CA 94131

follow the yellow-brick road
Peg Lazzarini-Kayser, Director
415.824.5437 telephone

School of Religion
Dorothy Vigna, Director

Liturgical Scheduling and Bulletin Editor
Joan Strachan

Finance Committe
James Curran, Chair

Preservation Fund
Marilyn Highlander-Pool

Community Outreach
Eloice Helms, Director

St. Paul High School Alumni Association
Marilyn Highlander-Pool

Music Ministry
Saturday Vigil Mass
Judith Reuter, Patti Lazzaretto & David Simi

Sunday Masses

Diane Costa, Joseph Duggan,
Margaret Ann Kerns, and
Guillermo Morales, en Español

Parish Office
Jamie Tracy
Parish Administration


Jill Alcantar, Registrar
Annette Schubert, Volunteer



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