Ministries and Organizations

The Men of St. Paul
Actively support our Parish as ushers, cooks, and hosts of a variety of Parish Events. Join us at our monthly meetings for fun, socialization, and conversation.
All men of the Parish are welcome!


The Women of St. Paul
Actively work, play, and pray together in support of our Parish. Join us as we raise awareness, raise funds for the Parish, or when we simply have fun together.
All women of the Parish are welcome!


Eucharistic Ministers
By invitation of Fr. Mario, Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion serve the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass, to the sick, and the homebound.

Lectors and Commentators
Lectors proclaim the Scriptures at Mass and other services;

Commentators read our Prayers of the Faithful and Parish Announcements.

For information on Liturgical Scheduling contact Joan Strachan or the Rectory.

Music Ministry All are welcome to join our Music Ministry
for information contact:

Joseph Duggan, our Music Director;
Diane Costa at our 9:15 am Family Mass; or
Guillermo Morales at our 12:15 pm Spanish Mass.


Altar Society
Responsible for the preparation and care of our altar linens, this includes washing and ironing of purificators, corporals, and all other altar linens used at Mass.
The Altar Society also maintains the sacred vessels, and prepares the Altar for each Mass or Service

Altar Servers
Children in Fourth through Eighth grades, are encouraged and invited to participate in Mass as Alter Servers.
If your child is interested
please call the Rectory
for more information

 Fr. Breslin & St. Paul Altar Servers
circa 1887

Club Latino gets together every Sunday after our 12:15 pm Spanish Mass, and they welcome everyone needing company, to share a cup of coffee and pan dulce! They also host five big celebrations throughout the year:
Cinqo de Mayo
The Savior of the World (August)
Our Lady of Guadalupe (December)
The Immaculate Conception “Purisima” (December)
Las Posadas (December)

Finance Council

By invitation of Fr. Mario the Finance Council  advises on all financial matters of our Parish and St. Paul School. The Finance Council is responsible for monitoring all income & expenses, as well as approving our annual budgets.  

Parish Council

By invitation of Fr. Mario the Parish Council advises on all aspects of our Parish and St. Paul School. This includes most Parish activities, groups, programs, and events affecting the liturgical and spiritual life of our Parish Community & St. Paul School.